Monday, April 4, 2011

30 Day Challenge, Day 20 (Amazing Pulled Pork)

Ballerina and I laughed as I pulled from the cupboard things I no longer need:

Super Dieter's tea
Get Regular tea
Dietary Fiber (two different kinds)
stool softeners

I warned you that I talk about my intestines sometimes.  Such is the life of a sufferer of chronic constipation.  But no longer!  I threw the fiber in the garbage (it was past its "use by" date anyhow).  The leftover tea will be best used as an aromatic soak in the bathtub, then tossed into the compost pile.  Other random things in the cupboard I wonder if I'll ever use again:

packets of aspartame
peanut butter
a box of Jell-O
Vital Wheat Gluten
Lecithin granules
Chocolate flavored Whey Protein Powder

As I stare at the cupboards, I can't help but wonder -- what kind of food storage should I be concentrating on now?  In the past, I've stored wheat and rice and oats and dry beans and canned soups and canned corn.  Most of what I cook now comes from fresh vegetables/fruits and meats and nuts (which I love), but if my power were out for an extended period, or if calamity struck and going to the store were impossible for some reason, those foods would spoil and replacement food would be hard to come by.  What does a Paleo mom stock in the pantry?

Another busy day in front of us.  Both crock pots are going...pulled pork in one, Spiced Apple Butternut Squash Soup in the other.

Meal #1
Scotch egg
Leftover buckwheat pancake
plum applesauce

Meal #2
leftover Rosemary Rainbow tart slice

Meal #3
Leftover "Mel's Favorite Chili"

Meal #4
Amazing Pulled Pork
Spiced Apple Butternut Squash Soup
Romaine salad with toasted walnuts and avocado slices

The Pulled Pork was amazing!  Here what you do:

Ease a pork roast into a large crock pot before you go to bed at night.  Liberally sprinkle with kosher salt.  Thoroughly sprinkle with garam masala (it sounds exotic, but you really can buy it in the spice aisle at your grocery store -- I bought mine at Wal-Mart).  Sprinkle a little (just a little!) red cooking wine around the roast.  Put the lid on and set the heat to low.  Let it cook all night and all day.  At supper time, pull it out with tongs.  It will easily shred.  It's wonderfully mouth-watering.  I dare you to not eat all of it in one sitting.

As I was checking my blog stats just now, I noticed at the bottom of the page a new entry under "search terms".  Someone found my blog by googling "how do you know if paleo is working?"  How do you know?!?  Just see how loose your clothes are after one week!  Or step on a scale and see how many pounds of fat have dropped off!  Or examine your clear skin!  Or celebrate your stupendous lack of constipation!  Honestly.  Stop making excuses and just do this.  I've tried a lot of nutrition plans.  Nothing else has worked so beautifully, so consistently, so deliciously.  I'm not saying you have to write me a thank you note.  Just start.  Start today.  Trust me, you'll know it's working.


  1. I discovered your blog at Mer and Mo's blog. I've never even heard of the Paleo Diet, but I'm going to research it now. It sounds like you're pretty happy with it. And I thought I had tried everything! Silly me!

  2. Welcome, Jackie! I'd love to hear what you decide when you're done researching. I thought I'd heard of every diet under the sun, too. Every body is different, but I've heard nothing but good about Paleo from those who have done it. I've even heard that doctors recommend it for their patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Good luck!

  3. Food storage: Canned meats or freeze/can them yourself, anything else that you use that comes in a can, nuts in the freezer (at least that is where Mom keeps hers), a garden, water for the garden.

    Big Sis

  4. Thanks, Sis. I actually do have a chest freezer filled with meat and fruit and nuts...but I'd have to eat it pretty quick if the power went out for any extended period.

    But I've never seen canned celery (that sounds kind of gross, actually) or canned lettuce (double portions of gross). This is giving me an idea, though. I should make a list of the foods I buy regularly to see what kinds of things I could possibly buy to supply my food storage.

  5. Jackie! I read through your blog. How awesome are you! I enjoy your honesty. Keep up the excellent work. Welcome to Julies Blog! If you don't mind me chiming in, I would really encourage you to look into the Paleo approach. Julie has better than anyone I know captured the vision. Maura, a friend of mine has recently gained some large popularity around the world of fitness for losing 124 lbs quite quickly using this Paleo and workout approach.

    Although I don't view Paleo as a "diet" and I have been living it to one degree or another for a year. Julie has made this all the more exciting! Yes a diet that is exciting. She calls me almost daily with her new discoveries and creations of food. Never have I had such fun with working out and eating right. Best of luck with you on your Journey.
    I have included Maura's video journey here: