Monday, May 16, 2011

Box Jumps: 1, Wonder Woman: 0

Today's wod:

Warm up:  Ten 100m sprints

Wod: 5 min. AMRAP of 5 pushups and 7 box jumps, then rest one minute and repeat twice for a total of three sets

So, I felt a little silly at first, running at breakneck speed up and down my street.  Then, I imagined my neighbors peering out of their windows, perhaps thinking I'm training for some big deal track event.  And then I felt like a superstar, sprinting between Melody's mailbox and the mailbox at the end of the block, four houses away.

Then I grabbed my Crossfit abacus (a ziploc bag of milk-jug caps) and my timer, and headed to the backyard to do my wod.  I have to go to the backyard because I don't really have a box for box jumps.  I use the bench on my picnic table.  Here it is in the background of this picture (me as Coraline last Halloween):

I got myself all set up, and started the timer.  I cranked out 5 perfect pushups, then hopped up and did seven box jumps.  I pulled out a milk cap, then plopped back down to the ground and did 5 more pushups, feeling pretty proud of myself.  I was going to crush this wod.

I've been concentrating on form.  I wanted to improve my box jumps by not resting at the bottom, but springing right back up after hitting the ground.  This is what I was doing when I missed the bench and scraped my shin.  HARD.  I have never felt so completely incapacitated during a workout.  I looked at it -- it was white.  I knew I had a limited amount of time before I simply wouldn't care about walking.  I grabbed my milk caps, my timer, my little white board, and hobbled to the door, weeping and moaning the whole time.  Once inside, I dropped everything and grabbed an ice pack, wailing loudly.  I couldn't believe how much it hurt!  I sobbed like a toddler.

If you don't feel too squeamish about blood, keep scrolling down to see pictures.  Superman encouraged me to document my injury (encouraged = practically insisted I send him pictures).  I think it actually looks worse in the pictures than it does in real life.  I've had ice on it for over an hour, but now that it's off, the pain is starting to return.  Ibuprofen will be my friend today.

At least I had the good sense to shave my legs yesterday.  I wonder if any of my skin is hanging on the picnic bench. :)

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