Sunday, May 1, 2011

Loaves of lettuce?

Okay, really quick...

I've mentioned how Paleo is all about making different choices, right?  This afternoon, Ballerina concocted an absolutely delicious meal:  leftover ham rolled up in cabbage leaves.  I tried it with a slice of avocado.  Wow.  The ham is bold and flavorful, the cabbage is sweet and crunchy, the avocado is creamy and divine.  Way better than an insulin-spiking sandwich or a craptastic frozen burrito.  Sheesh!  Who needs bread?  In fact, I even accidentally referred to the head of lettuce in the fridge as a "loaf" of lettuce.

Yes, that's where we are.  Loaves of lettuce.  Welcome to our Paleo house.

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