Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stronger, Faster

I seem to remember there's some kind of Crossfit tagline:  stronger, faster, ....something.  So I googled it.  And here's what I found -- a bunch of variations on a theme --

Stronger, Faster, Fitter
Stronger, Faster, Bigger
Stronger, Faster, Quicker (not as redundant as it might seem)
Stronger, Faster, Healthier
Better, Stronger, Faster

and my personal favorite:
Older, Faster, Stronger

Well, whatever that third variable is, the stronger and faster part are definitely true.  I can vouch for it.  Here's proof.

Last October I did the following wod:

5 rounds for time
200m Run
15 dumbbell Thrusters @15lbs each hand
10 Lunges
5 Burpees

My time then was 25:16.  I'm not sure why it took me so long.  Maybe because after each 200m run (to the corner and back), I rounded to the backyard to finish each round in private.

Well, it's been seven months since that workout.  Today, I revisited it.  I did not take the pansy hiding-in-the-backyard approach.  I boldly ran up and down the street and did the rest of the wod on my front porch, in sight of all the neighbors (including my next-door friends with their toddlers and kid-cars and strollers and dog), burpees and all.

And I crushed my previous time.  13:08.

I called Superman with my results, but he was in a meeting.  So I left a message.  Which he couldn't check -- because he was in a meeting.  He pleaded for my time via text, so I sent it.  He texted back: Holy freak'n amazing! I almost cheered in my meeting!

A.  Yes, my boyfriend is that wonderful.  For real.
B.  Crossfit has definitely made me stronger, faster...better.  :)

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