Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Until Fail"

This is a phrase with which I've only been familiar since starting Crossfit.  I guess it's a little like "shop til you drop", but you don't feel dead afterward.  You feel like you've given your all, and then you peel yourself off the floor, knowing you're a superhero, and set out to conquer the world.

And this morning, I accomplished it.

Superman has prescribed a series of back squats over the last few weeks.  We started with 20 back squats at 75 lbs, and increased the weight by 5 lbs for each semi-weekly gym trip.  (I do most of my wods at home.  There are many reasons, chief among them: no creepy people staring.)  The goal was to work up to my body weight.  Last week, I did all twenty, unbroken, at 110 lbs.  It was very difficult, but I did it.  Today I loaded up the bar for 115 lbs.  I decided to stand within the bottom of the rack, just in case I ran into trouble and needed to rack the weight.  By the tenth squat, I was really struggling.  I'm so glad the weight room was empty this morning, because I was that woman groaning and grunting in front of the mirror.  When I went down for the 18th squat, that was it.  I could not stand back up with the weight.  I'm so glad I was standing within the rack!  I just let go of the bar and stood up without it, feeling pretty danged proud of myself.  I did it!  I got really close to the prescribed 20 squats, and I did it "until fail".

Do you hear that music in the background?  Pretty sure that's the Wonder Woman theme song.


  1. Nice work supermom! you are truly amazing. I am proud of you, keep up the impressive work!