Sunday, August 14, 2011

60 Day Challenge!

I fantasize that I'm aging in reverse.  And after lopping my long curly locks off to trade them in for a sassy short style, I get called "miss" instead of "ma'am" at the store, in the airport, at the gas station (even in my pajamas and without makeup!).  I like it.

However, the fact that I'm almost 43 years old cannot be evaded.  It's time for all those tests.  My dad died of heart failure after denying he was a diabetic for years.  My grandmother had hypoglycemia.  There is history of skin cancer in my family, and my body is a life-size dot-to-dot game.  And any faithful reader of this blog is already familiar with my intestinal struggles, which may have their own set of complications. 

So!  I will submit to the testing...the full physical, the poking/probing/prodding/squishing, the weigh-in,  the theft of my valuable blood.  Let them test my cells every which way from Sunday (or whatever that cliche is).  To ready myself for the onslaught, I will be starting a 60 Day Paleo Challenge tomorrow, August 15, 2011.  It will culminate on October 13, 2011 (which is perfect, because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and you get cute pink gifts for getting squished that month).  During those 60 days, we will be eating meat and seafood, vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds.  No sugar, no dairy, no grains, no legumes.  No kidding.

In addition to eating squeaky clean, my goal is to hit my workouts hard and be in the best shape of my life before stepping into the doctor's office.  I will be researching and inventing new recipes to keep things interesting.

The challenge is on!

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  1. A good start to the diet:
    8 hours Sleep
    The first minute perform 1 squat clean/jerk @ 135#’s, the second minute perform two squat clean and jerks @ 135#’s. Continue this process for 7 rounds.
    Then performed:
    30 Toes to Bar
    40 Power Clean’s @ 135#’s
    50 Burpees
    Time: 10:34
    I felt sluggish and not at my full potential. But glad I finished.