Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pina Colada Ice Cream

I'll say it right now:  I am not a perfect parent.  I've definitely had some Bad Mom episodes.   This morning, it turns out, was one of those.

Ballerina made breakfast.  (She's also been blogging about her life as a teenage caveman.  Check it out.)  She started out making it just for herself, but it turned out there was enough for two.  She used my applesauce pancake recipe, but substituted apricot puree for the applesauce.  Then she made carrot hashbrowns (basically shredded carrots and onions, stir fried).  I cut up an avocado.  As we were getting ready to eat, Valedictorian came in and asked if there were enough for her.  Unfortunately, Ballerina hadn't planned on making breakfast for everyone.  Oops.

You can see why we'd fight over this breakfast.

There was a stormy bit of passive-aggressive discussion, in which Valedictorian said there was nothing to eat in this house, and why was it that whenever Ballerina and I wanted to make food, it was all creative and delicious, but when she looked in the fridge, she couldn't find anything?!  Ballerina stated that it was because she makes things from scratch.  This provoked questions that had an undeniably snotty edge to them, including something along the lines of well-how-am-I-supposed-to-do-that?  I stood up from the table, opened the cupboard and pulled out the Betty Crocker cookbook.

"This is a cookbook," I said.  "In it, you will find instructions for how to make food.  There are several options in this book.  Try it."  (Did you see the Bad Mom moment there?  Yep, there it was.)  Valedictorian ended up making non-paleo pancakes for herself.  And I spent the morning quietly wondering how I had failed my daughter, that she's now a college student and can't take the initiative to learn how to cook things on her own.  *sigh*

For dinner tonight, I made Rosemary Rainbow Tart and Curry Carrot Bisque.  And for dessert, a Paleo Pina Colada ice cream...

Pina Colada Ice Cream
1 c. pineapple chunks
2 ripe bananas
2 eggs
1 T. vanilla
1 can coconut milk

Chop pineapple and bananas in a food processor.  Add eggs and vanilla, mix until well-combined.  Add coconut milk, mix again.  Pour into ice cream maker and follow freezing instructions.  Garnish with shredded unsweetened coconut and macadamia nuts.

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