Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pasta Substitutes

Tonight I made Bolognese Sauce, and I meant for it to be served over spaghetti squash, my go-to substitution for pasta.  Unfortunately, there was no spaghetti squash to be had at the grocery store this week.  Luckily, our neighbors were so kind to drop off some rather large squash a few days ago.  Using the larger shredder attachment (have I mentioned how much I love my food processor?  Honestly, I giggle every time I use it.  Just ask Ballerina), I shredded part of an extra large zucchini and part of an extra large crookneck squash (I removed the giant seeds first), and stir fried it in some coconut oil until it was al dente (or as close to it as squash gets).  It worked!

When you crave the texture of something noodly, or need a vehicle to carry your favorite bolognese, try these alternatives:

shredded zucchini, summer squash, rutabaga, or turnip
thinly sliced cabbage (best in Asian-inspired dishes)
spaghetti squash (obviously)
bean sprouts
thinly sliced onions (perhaps better as a companion "noodle" vegetable, rather than having a plateful of onions.  I dunno, though -- Superman really loves onions)
I've read that thinly sliced eggplant, broiled first, makes great lasagne noodles

And I've just found the next kitchen toy I must buy.  This:


I think I shall get it for myself for my birthday, which just happens to be coming up in a few weeks.  So there.

My workout today was 75 minutes of ballet class.  And if you think that's not a workout, I dare you to come to class.  Still, it wasn't a crossfit day, and I'm missing throwing weights around.  Superman did a fantastic wod (he sent me a picture of the whiteboard), and I'm actually a little jealous:

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