Saturday, August 20, 2011

Power Snatch

It's been a busy few days.  I apologize for my absence -- my goal is to give you something to chew on (ha!) each day of the 60 Day Challenge.  So, what I should have posted Thursday night:

Today's prescribed wod:
5 rounds for time
Run 200 meters
5 Power Snatch at 155#

Since I knew I'd need to do this one at the rec center, and that they most likely won't allow me to carry a barbell out to the track, I either needed to modify the run, or modify the lifting.  I didn't want to miss the weights, so instead I did:

5 rounds for time
100 jumprope singles
5 Power Snatch 50#

I realize 50# isn't very heavy for that movement.  While getting set up, I tried what I thought was 65# (10# plates on what I thought was a 45# bar), which I can power clean.  But I couldn't do the snatch.  There's a weak place in the middle somewhere.  This is one of the caveats of working out without a coach.  I practiced the movement with a different bar, one I knew was 45#, and felt like perhaps I knew what I was doing, watching myself in the mirror, trying to do what I've been taught.  Then I put 5# plates on the slightly smaller bar (which I weighed at the scales when I finished my workout, to find it was 40#, so my practice snatches were only 60#), and proceeded with the wod.  I called Superman when I was done, and we decided we'd better work on this movement the next time we can work out together.

I finished the wod in 10 minutes.

For dinner, I slapped everything in the oven.  Not my favorite thing to do in the heat of summer, but it made things easier.  Only Ballerina and I were home, so I coated some shrimp with coconut and threw it on the foil-lined baking sheet with some asparagus, and cooked them together.  It was tasty, but I found myself dreaming of the coconut shrimp I had in Hawaii last summer.  *drool* It was nothing like that, unfortunately.  Also, we each had half an apple, sliced up, with Cinnamon Almond Butter Apple Dip.

Cinnamon Almond Butter Apple Dip
blob of Almond Butter
drizzle of honey
sprinkle of cinnamon
some water

Stir it all together, adding just a little water at a time, until it's about the consistency of carmel dip.  We used chunky fresh almond butter, but I've also used creamy bottled almond butter, and it works out nicely either way.  It's also very tasty on celery or carrots, and probably a host of other crunchy fruits and veggies.

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