Sunday, August 28, 2011


Busy weekend.  And I did make interesting food on Friday...I just didn't blog about it.  But now I will!

My good friend Peef came over on Friday and we made coconut-encrusted tilapia with peach-tomato salsa, guacamole in sweet peppers, and mixed green salad.  The peach-tomato salsa is good on fish, but I like it best on pork chops.

Sorry for the fuzzy cell phone pic.
 Saturday I decided to throw a bunch of things on the grill.  I have a charcoal grill, which probably would have worked fine, but I asked my good friend Lo if I could please use her fancy shmancy gas grill, and she said yes.  Unfortunately, I'm not an expert when it comes to grilling stuff.  That's really Superman's territory.  Still, the zucchini and the sausages turned out perfect.  The grilled carrots were a bit undercooked, and so was the onion (but I could tell they would have been marvelous if they'd been done properly).

Today was pork roast day.  I slipped the roast into the crockpot last night (well, okay, at 2 am this morning).  The side dish is thanks to the generous neighbor who owns the wonderful garden, who is nice enough to bring free food to us.  You may be looking at the glorious fluffy white concoction on my plate and asking, "Hey!  Aren't those potatoes?!"  Yes, I realize red potatoes are a starch, and technically that's a no-no for Paleo eaters.  But we do eat other root veggies, and besides, when you're a frugal single mom, you don't say no to free food on Paleo principle.  You say yes, thank you, and you eat it up, giving thanks to God that you're so well provided for.  *end short sermon*

Besides, I'm not going to get into the whole "Grok wouldn't have eaten that" debate.  I'm not embracing Paleo so that I can re-enact the Paleolithic era.  I'm doing it so that I can be a healthy woman.  My best understanding is that variety is the best choice I can make for my family, and that reducing our carb load (grains, sugars - in all their seductive forms, legumes, dairy, starches) is going to be the most helpful to our weight and to our organs.

Actress gasped and said, "We're having potatoes??!?"  It made her night.  I dressed them up Paleo-style, of course.  After they were boiled tender, I mashed them with fresh garlic, full-fat coconut milk, and a dab of bacon grease.  Ballerina and I were careful to just take a modest portion of the starchy root.

And that condiment masquerading as BBQ sauce atop my pulled pork?  Pureed apricots.

I've been "resting"...which means I haven't done a wod since Thursday, but I took ballet class on Friday, was up and down a step stool all morning Saturday banishing dust and cobwebs, and I rode my bike to church today.  Tomorrow I'll be back at the rec center, throwing weights around.  I'm determined to crush my workouts this week!

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  1. I love your perspective on food, and gratitude for your blessings. There is a fine line between Healthy eating and fanaticism which drowns the principle. Glad to see you embrace variety, it makes my mouth water. :)