Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blasted Bench Jumps!

Does this look familiar?

Yes, I did it again.  Perhaps my body thought I should have matching battle scars.  Thankfully, I was wearing my shin guards this time, so I didn't open my leg as severely as last time.  There's still blood though.  I banged it pretty hard.

I woke after less-than-adequate sleep, but I was determined to complete today's wod, even though it was going to be pretty challenging for me:

4 rounds
100 feet walking lunges, 25# plate overhead
30 box jumps (bench jumps, actually)
20 wall ball shots, 10# ball
10 hand stand push ups (modified)

Those walking lunges really fatigued me.  I lunged down the rec center hallway and back, then set down my plate and started my jumps.  On jump #19, I missed.  I smacked my shin, HARD, then fell all the way to the floor.  I rolled back up again and figured I could shake it off and keep going, but the pain wouldn't go away.  I did a few ankle rotations, kept shaking out my leg, but it just hurt more.  I reached down to rub the area, and felt a huge lump already swelling up.  Okay, I thought, we're done here.  I put away my 25# plate, returned the 10# ball to the front desk, gathered up my stuff, and limped out to the car -- trying not to weep like a toddler.  Man, it hurt!  (Hm...I just realized, I left my piece of paper with my wod written on it taped to the wall in the hallway.  Oh well.)

I called Superman on my way home and let the tears fall.  I was in a lot of pain, and I was frustrated that I didn't even complete one full round of my wod.  And I'm not sure which of those things I hated more -- the agony of injury or the agony of being defeated by the bench again.

If it weren't for the shin guards, we would be replaying our event from four months ago.  Thank you, shin guards.  I believe they're red on the inside to keep the blood from showing so much.

See my skin there?
Not quite matching.

Four months after the infamous first bench jump incident.
Stupid.  That's how I feel about it.  I would very much like to not bang up my legs anymore.  It hurts, it's unattractive, and worst of all, it slows me down.  I'm a woman on the go!  I don't have time for pain!


  1. I just banged up my right shin after banging my left shin about a month ago. I am so frustrated right now -- how unattractive it looks, how i didn't get to finish the wod, etc. i was googling about shin guards for box jumps and came across your site. What kind of shin guard do you use? Also, a vanity question: how does the scars look now? Have they faded?
    Thanks for posting this, as i feel less alone with my box jump debacle...

  2. Jill, I'm so sorry! Crossfitters will admire your scar, and call you "legit", but the truth is, a woman doesn't love banging up her beautiful legs! My husband bought my shin guards at Sports Authority, I think. They're black on the outside, red on the inside, spongy and thick, sort of like neoprene. Brand name = McDavid. Try this url -- http://www.mcdavidusa.com/Product/441R/MCDAVID_Level_1_Calf_Sleeve.aspx

    About the scar: I was a little dismayed that it showed under my knee-length wedding dress (about a year afterward). Now, over two years since the injury, the scar is still there, but it isn't purple or pink, and it has faded a lot.