Friday, January 13, 2012

Get fit!

There has been some razzing in the family that Superman and I will be having a Crossfit Wedding, and that the family photos will be in workout attire.  And while I hope to nod to Crossfit somehow, since I want our wedding to be representative of who we are, I doubt I'll go quite that far.

Be that as it may, many members of my family have decided to use the wedding date as a fitness goal, which I think is terrific.  Any inspiration to get healthy is good in my book and I heartily approve of it.

I remember before I started Body For Life, how I would overwhelm myself with fitness programs and lists and diets.  It's no wonder I didn't have much success in those years.  That was not a fitness style that worked for me.  Body For Life was a simple well-laid-out structure that seemed realistic, and I experienced great success with it.  But I got bored with it easily, and then I would backslide.

Enter my current love affair with Crossfit and Paleo.  At first, I thought it sounded way too difficult and complex.  I now marvel at its simplicity.

Food:  Meat and Seafood, Vegetables and Fruits, Nuts and Seeds.

Exercise:  Functional Movement, Constantly Varied, performed at High Intensity. Definitely not boring.

The food, as you may notice from past blog entries, can be quite gourmet and delicious alongside its straightforward ingredients.  The exercise can be adapted to every fitness level.  Don't be scared of working out hard just because someone else can deadlift 400 lbs.  Work hard at what YOU can do and your results will be impressive.

And keep those spandex shorts handy.  You never know when you'll need to wear them to a wedding. ;)

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