Thursday, April 14, 2011

30 Day Challenge, Day 29 (Cooking for Boys, and more Soy Battles)

Men eat a lot of food.  Let me just put that out there.  Cooking for Superman this week has been an eye opener.  The same recipes that feed my family of four girls are just enough for me and Superman, with sometimes a little bit leftover for him to take to work for lunch the next day.

Supper for Day 29 was Mel's Favorite Chili and leftover Blueberry Lime Cheesecake.  I didn't thaw the cheesecake enough before serving, so it was a little difficult to slice with the side of my fork.  So difficult, in fact, that as I attempted it, I launched a piece of cheesecake over the table and onto the carpet.  "No one saw that!" I yelled as I dived for it.  Superman's littlest tyke covered his eyes with his hands.

I was really impressed after reading Ballerina's blog entry for Day 29.  Not only is she doing her best to stick with her nutrition plan while she's away from home, her sisters are supporting her and helping her.  Here's some of what she wrote:

For dinner we had Soy Lemon Chicken, Mixed Vegetables, Baked Potatoes, and Fruit Salad. (How many meals can my grandmother make with POTATOES?  Geezz...I know it's a vegetable but it's super starchy and I'm not supposed to eat them everyday!)  My dear, sweet, amazing sisters looked at the potatoes, then back at my small grimace.  Mastermind cut her potato and offered me a half.  I accepted it, my small serving of potato so as not to have too much starchy vegetable.  Thank you, Sis. :)

"I dibs your cookies!"
"Me too!"
"Ok guys, you can have them."

Cookies.  This is what we call potato skins once you've scooped out all it's innards.  You fill it with cheese and sour cream or butter and salt. Things like that.  I've always loved cookies, Mastemind and I always share Stripes' because she doesn't want them.
Soon after obtaining Stripes' cookies, I realized I couldn't top mine with the normal toppings.  Huh.  So I reached for the Chicken juices and put a little bit on my potato.  It was really good, but something didn't seem right about the sauce.  That's when Grandma told me:

"That's from the Chicken, [Yes, I know...] it's a Soy Lemon sauce."
"Did you say..Soy?"
"Yes, like Soy Sauce."

Stripes whispers to me, "Can you...have soy?"
I look at her and slightly shake my head..."Nope", I say, with a small smile.
Grandma looked a little shocked.
"You can't have soy? Oh I'm sorry, I thought you were safe!"
[Yeah, so did I...]
Then Grandpa says, "Safe? Safe from what?" (I sometimes wonder how much of him is really there.  But oh my, I love him bunches. :))

Ok, the sauce has Soy.  Gotcha.  So I took a look around.  If the sauce had soy, that means the Chicken is totally basted in it.  Looking at the bottom of the mixed veggies, it's got Soy Lemon sauce on it too.  I'm done with the potatoes.  And the fruit salad? It's got a dressing with a bit of Mayo('special' mayo, the kind with mostly olive oil....but also Soybean Oil and, of course, sugar.).  I did have a few spoonfuls of it though.  (Maybe in a way to show my appreciation for the food that had been prepared, partially because I wanted some fruit and this was the form it was in tonight.)  Grrrreat.

Everything. Has. Soy. On. It.
(Maybe I am the crazy lady in aisle 6, screaming through the store, "WHY IS THERE NOT FOOD IN MY FOOD!?!?")

Let's remember a few things here:
1) Muffin was hungry. She hadn't eaten for 4 hours now, and they were going to the temple soon after dinner so there wasn't time to make different food.
2)It would be rude to make different food.
3)My sweet Grandmother didn't know I couldn't have Soy.
4)I had already eaten some Soy.

So I ate.  I ate the chicken(with no extra juices on it).  I didn't have any more potatoes or fruit.  I ate a lot of vegetables(most of the juices were at the bottom of the bowl anyway.)  I even found out that eating Cookies with mixed vegetables stuffed in is really good!  Nice to know.

I ate Soy.  Soy kill me. [Haha, get it? Like 'So kill me'? Eh?  Yeah, I felt cool.]  This is what happens when you venture away from Paleo Land.

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  1. I just have to say that I was really laughing at the first line. I live in a household of men and YES they do eat a lot!!!

    Big Sis