Sunday, November 2, 2014

Make Your Own PVC Pipe Train Whistle

Today's post is has nothing to do with nutrition or exercise.  I am the Wolf Den Leader in our Cub Scout pack.  This week we will be earning the Music Belt Loop and Pin.  For Pin requirement #1,  I will be having our den make their own train whistles.

Here are the materials you will need:

3 lengths of 1/2" pvc pipe (12.2 cm, 15.3 cm, 17.2 cm)
3 end caps
3 sections of 5/8" dowel, cut to 1 1/2"
2  90° elbows
2 small pieces of pvc pipe, just over 1" long
1 T connector

Total cost:  approximately $3/whistle

Here are the pieces, laid out before assembly.

After cutting the lengths of pvc pipe, make a notch at the top.  I connected the elbow to the pipe, then drew a line below the edge of the elbow for the top of the notch.  I cut these with a hacksaw, but my awesome Superman used the chopsaw to speed up the process, since I had to make twelve of these.

After making the notch, you will need to cut down one side of each of the dowel pieces.  I used a utility knife.  If I'd had a way to plane down one side of the dowel before cutting it, that would have saved time.  This was absolutely the most time consuming part of the project.

Each T connector needs a hole in the center.  This is where you blow into it.  After drilling the hole, I slightly carved down the edges, but it turns out that extra step isn't necessary.

 To connect the T to the elbow pieces, insert the small sections of pvc pipe into each side of the T.  The rest of the assembly is very easy.  Just put every together as pictured above.  Blow into the hole and enjoy your train whistle!

A very satisfying project!  I think the cub scouts will be excited!